Introducing NEW Things… Even at 90 Years Old!

2019 marks our 90th year and we are celebrating our rich history and God’s faithfulness over the last decades. Even with being 90 years old, we are still ready for new opportunities and trying new things!


Here are a few NEW camp features for 2019!


One-Week Sessions:

Over the last few years, many parents have been asking for increased flexibility around our sessions, desiring to accommodate busy family schedules and holidays. Our Boys Camp and Girls Camp are now offering exclusively one-week sessions, with the ability to combine weeks for longer camp experiences. One-week sessions allow parents to combine weeks of their choice, creating a custom camp experience.  Adventure Camp has been running one-week sessions for a long time and is leading the way! If you are looking for longer camp sessions for your older youth, consider Woodland Challenge, Elevate or Leaders-In-Training.


New Discounts:

With the introduction of one-week sessions we have added a new Multiple Session Discount.  As an incentive to those campers who can’t get enough of camp we are offering financial discounts to accommodate the option of staying two or more weeks.
As a response to the popular request for a discount for families, we are also offering a new Sibling Discount.
The discounts can really pile up if you consider using our existing Bring-A-Friend discount!  Campers who bring along a new-to-camp friend allows even greater discounts to be added to the discounts they already qualify for.  See website for all discounts, incentives and conditions.


New Leadership Program

Our new Clearwater Leadership Centre is opening doors for new programs and provides us the ability to enhance our leadership programs with an exceptional space to meet, worship, play and eat.
Elevate will get to enjoy this new Leadership Centre. This is a 2 week, co-ed, leadership program for youth ages 15-17 who are interested in discovering or growing in their faith.  This program is packed with personal growth opportunities, skill development, experiential learning and exciting challenges.


New After-Session Canoe Trips

Although canoe trips are not new to camp, we are offering them in a new way this year.   After your camp session you can “add-on” a 3-night canoe trip.  Campers stay after their camp session, prepare for the trip on Saturday, leave on Sunday and return on Wednesday.  This allows campers to fully enjoy camp and activities, as well as exploring the Muskoka wilderness while developing significant camping and tripping experience.  Top off your camp session with a canoe trip!
As you can see, turning 90 hasn’t slowed us down at all!  We are excited about the new programs and changes.  If you need any more information about camp, please contact us!

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Kara Martin

Kara is a Communications Co-ordinator at Pioneer Camp with over 25 years of camp experience.

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