Each year 1,000’s of people give to InterVarsity, making it possible for us to make a difference in the lives of every person who sets foot on the grounds of Pioneer Camp. Some give financially, some in prayer, while others invest their time as volunteers. We are eternally grateful for each and every person who helps to make the ministry of Pioneer Camp possible. It is our desire to continue to see lives transformed and we want to invite you to be part of our team in making this happen. Here is how you can help:


Grounded and Growing


Do you remember when your life was changed at Pioneer Camp? That experience of a community grounded in Scripture at camp can have an exponential impact on youth in Canada starting this year.  Join the Grounded and Growing project today! Your gift will help finish the Leadership Centre, launch new programs beginning this June, break ground on a new Boys Camp Dining hall this fall, and boost staff funding. We are so close to reaching 100%! History is in the making!


90 Projects for 90 Years Campaign


In our 90th year we want to take some time to upgrade and improve a few areas of camp. These 90 projects range from new picnic tables and camp mattresses to building renovations and landscaping. With 90 projects selected by our staff – there is lots of opportunity to meets some of the day-to-day practical needs around camp!




Your gifts make a difference! We could not operate our camps without the generous support of people like you. You can designate how your gift is used by choosing the options that you will find here…




At Pioneer Camp, we know our dependence on God. We spend time each day praying about the needs of campers, staff and alumni, but we deeply value the prayers of people who partner with us. This kind of support is perhaps the most important of all.