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You’re here because you have experienced the power and love of a community grounded in Scripture.

You are part of the legacy of seeing God at work at InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Ontario.

Now more than ever, Canada needs equipped, inspired, and active leaders who are faithful representatives of Jesus. Will you join the movement that is helping us expand the influence of our historic Pioneer vision?


Summer 2018 Has Been Momentous


We opened our beautiful new Leadership Centre on Clearwater Lake. We launched exciting new programs both for the summer and year-round. We staffed our summer camp programs with an exceptional team of young leaders, and we continued to make preparations at Boys Camp for a new dining hall.

The vision for all this new growth is a natural next step for Pioneer as we head towards our 90th year of ministry. It is exciting and innovative, but so familiar. It’s still all about life transformation, launching young leaders, and more campers encountering Jesus. It’s the same vision that changed your life at camp and, with your help, will transform the next Pioneer generation.

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Three Strategic Elements

Developing and Sending Leaders

Undoubtedly, our flagship Leaders-in-Training (LIT) program has influenced your life, whether you were an LIT yourself or your life was changed at camp by a leader who was shaped by this transformational grounded-in-Scripture mentoring program. Every program at Pioneer gives young leaders unique opportunities to become Christ-like influencers. Our new Leadership Centre expands our capacity to train young leaders, not only in the summer but 365 days a year. It provides space to run multiple programs at once and allows us to increase our teen camper enrolment.

365 Days of Ministry & Partnership With the Local Church

Imagine the possibilities of a year-round ministry with as significant an influence of our summer camps. We are working hard to meet a growing need to resource churches and other ministry groups through our year-round youth programs. We have over 90 years of ministry history that uniquely equips us to partner with churches who want to reach more and more youth. Our new Leadership Centre is fully winterized and unlocks our potential for 365 days of ministry grounded in Scripture and community –  just like the summer that changed your life!

Commitment to Evangelism

Evangelism is a natural side effect of a healthy, growing spiritual community, and our young leaders have led countless children and peers to Christ. But we know that entering high school is a common point where kids fall through the cracks, and we are not willing to let that happen. We need better buildings and continued summer staff funding to support and grow our co-ed teen programs. This summer we launched two new programs,  Impact and Launch, which have a significant evangelistic focus. We want to see more and more teens become fully-committed followers of Jesus so they can change their world now.


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The Boys Camp Dining Hall

Rebuilding this well-used and much-loved building is a high priority and we are anticipating a construction start in September 2019. After 70 years of boys and young men making use of every inch of the structure, the dining hall is showing its age. We all love the building and all it represents, but we also know that for Boys Camp to keep growing, we need to replace it. While the site can accommodate 275 campers and staff, the current Dining Hall limits us to 170 campers each session. By replacing this beloved community hub, Boys Camp will become a place where even for more young men become life-long followers of Jesus.

The new Dining Hall is part of our vision for growth. Join us this summer as work to raise the last 25 per cent of required funds. Our goal is to raise 100 per cent of the funds needed for this project by December 2018 so we can concentrate on construction in 2019.

  • 8,235 Sq. Ft building will increase capacity, flexibility, and longevity of ministry
  • Seating for 275, so that 105 more campers can participate in every Scripture-grounded session
  • Fully accessible building with four entry ways and fully accessible bathrooms, opening up even more opportunities in our award-winning Inclusion Program
  • Modern, efficient kitchen maximizing food preparation and service
  • Covered veranda provides expanded ministry space
  • Upgraded electrical and septic systems


The Leadership Centre on Clearwater Lake

Imagine the impact that began this summer, as the Leadership Centre launches a growing number of young influencers back into their church and school communities with a renewed sense of commitment to Jesus! Never before have we had such an opportunity to innovate, partner, and let God expand our vision for how He will use Pioneer to empower growth in the Canadian church. With expanded capacity for youth and leadership programs and more flexibility to partner with local churches, you can have a lasting, year-round impact on the Kingdom of God by partnering with Grounded and Growing as we launch the Leadership Centre on Clearwater Lake!

God has provided wonderful blessings through this new Leadership Centre already. This summer we were promised $250,000 in matching funds by a generous ministry partner if we raised the money by August 31. Because so many people stepped in to help us, we met the matching grant goal!  Not only has God resourced our ministry financially, He has changed lives! Our first group of young leaders trained in this building served with an incredible amount of joy at camp, leading many youth to Jesus. They were passionate and full of God’s spirit. Your prayers were answered! As we said goodbye to the last summer leader, we opened the Leadership Centre’s doors to schools and churches who are now experiencing the transforming work of God at camp. This is the beginning of 365 days of fruitful ministry at camp.

Why is this facility strategic?

  • 10,530 sq. ft. fully winterized building will open new opportunities for year-round ministry
  • Dining Hall with seating for 300 will more than double our current capacity for youth and leadership programs and partnerships
  • Flexible meeting space and capability to host several groups at once opens more partnership opportunities to empower the local church
  • Modern kitchen and food service area empowers excellent service
  • Fully accessible building offering new opportunities for program participants with diverse needs
  • Upgraded septic systems


Fully Staffing Our Camps

As you may know, a change in government policy restricted us from receiving important summer job grants this year. Previously, we have been grateful to receive about $50,000 which enabled us to pay summer students a reasonable wage for positions like lifeguards, program facilitators and waterfront instructors. Summer students comprise the largest number of our staff team and are an incredible influence on our campers. Camp is a place where many teens and young adults develop their leadership skills, preparing them for all kinds of roles in our society. We want to keep hiring these young people, equipping them to influence Canada now and in the future. Would you consider a gift to the Summer Jobs stream to help us hire and develop countless future leaders grounded in Scripture and growing in their active faith?


Fully Funded Operations

Would you consider a gift to the Operations stream to help us continue to train and resource thousands of young people every year? Our operations budget covers everything we do at camp, from developing and running our programs to paying for food. This year, we are really excited to be launching several new teen programs and also growing our Radiate Retreats for churches, which we offer in the winter. Would you consider  to help us hire and develop countless future leaders grounded in Scripture and growing in their active faith?


Camper Scholarships

There are many reasons why families or caregivers find it difficult to pay for camp – financial struggles, multiple children from one family are the main ones. Whatever the reason, we want to help by offering scholarships so every child who wants to come to camp can be here.

Here’s what one camper wrote to us after receiving a scholarship:

“Camp would not have been possible without your generous gift of money. Thank you so much. Everyone was so kind and loving towards me at camp. I experienced God in new and wonderful ways. You helped renew my faith and gave me an unforgettable experience! I really look forward to going again next year and have told all my friends about Pioneer!”

We know we will need a healthy scholarship fund once again. Would you consider a gift to the Camper Scholarship’s stream to help every child have the opportunity to be in a grounded and growing community?


How You Can Help


Do you remember when your life was changed at Pioneer Camp? That experience of a community grounded in Scripture at camp can have an exponential impact on youth in Canada starting this year.  Join the Grounded and Growing project today! History is in the making!