Let’s Play Frisbee Golf!

Get outside with your kids with a camp classic by setting up your own Frisbee Golf course. Play in your yard, or go to a local park.  All you’ll need a Frisbee for each person playing.


Here’s how to Play:

It’s like golf, but with a Frisbee! Your goal is to hit a target with as few throws as possible. Use the printable hole signs below to set up a course at your house (or through your neighbourhood, nearby park, or at a cottage). Remember when selecting hole targets that you’ll be throwing Frisbees at them (we typically put the signs on trees at camp). Starting with hole #1, players take turns throwing their Frisbees. A second, third, (or more) throws are then taken from wherever the Frisbee comes to rest. You can keep score using the scorecard below.

The finer points:

  • The player with the fewest throws for the previous hole starts
  • You must throw with one foot on the spot your previous shot landed (but can stretch with your other leg).
  • After the “tee off” the player whose Frisbee is furthest from the hole throws next.
  • You don’t have to hit the sign to complete the hole. If you’re placing the hole markers on trees, hitting any part of the tree counts (including roots!)
  • There is no dress code, but style points always count!
  • For extra fun, dress up like a golfer (tag us in the photo)!
Now you’re ready to start setting up your course by printing off the resources below!

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