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Ages 5-10 // Co-ed Program

Ages 5-10

Co-ed Program

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There is no better place to be a kid this summer! Adventure Camp is especially tailored to young boys and girls with age-specific villages, an overall staff-to-camper ratio of 1:3 and engaging weekly themes.
Adventure Camp creates space for every camper to build authentic relationships – with friends, trained leaders and most importantly, with God. Whether swimming or boating, making something special in crafts, climbing the low ropes course, shooting an arrow towards the target or searching for salamanders, every activity at Adventure Camp is designed to challenge and help children discover and learn new things.
At Adventure Camp our sections are called villages. Discovery is our youngest village for 5 & 6 year old campers (finished JK/SK). Blaze is our middle group of 7 & 8 year old campers (finished grade 1/2). Our eldest section is Explorers for 9 & 10 year old campers (finished grade 3/4).
We welcome and integrate children with Special Needs into the fun and excitement of Adventure Camp. Find out more here.

Skill Development Options:


One of the exciting opportunities we have at camp is learning a new skill! Each week campers are offered a variety of options from the list below. When you arrive at camp you will be able to choose from what is available during your session. Do not worry; all of the activities listed below will be an option at some point during your stay (age limitations do apply). Some skills have class size limits, and some higher-level skills may not be completed in one session.

Have you ever wanted to shoot an arrow at a target? The secrets of how to do this are explained in Archery. Learn how to hold a bow, take a shot, and be super safety conscious. This activity is one of Pioneer’s most popular and is open to campers of all ages.
If you are new to boating and would like to try a variety of different boats, this activity is for you! One day you could be in a paddle boat and the next a canoe.
Paddling across a still lake, seeing your reflection in the water is so sweet! All swimming abilities and ages are welcome to come and learn the parts of the canoe, boating safety and the different strokes. Adventure Camp Canoeing has two levels based on previous experience:
  • Canoeing Level 1 – Learn the correct way to hold a paddle, basic strokes, parts of the canoe and paddle, etc.
  • Canoeing Level 2 – Continue to practice and build upon skills gained in Level 1. Learn canoe-over-canoe rescue and side-ward displacement.

Creation Station is where we combine creativity, art, and fun! Come see how a mix of materials can create a masterpiece! Bracelets, paintings and more await you at Adventure Camp’s version of crafts.
Do you know how fast you can turn in a kayak? Really fast! They’re small and fun with cool paddles! Kayaking at Adventure Camp is great fun for both expert kayakers or those trying it for the first time.

A Yellow lanyard is required for kayaking classes.

  • Kayaking Level 1 – The correct way to hold the paddle, basic strokes, parts of the kayak and paddle, etc.
  • Kayaking Level 2 – Continue to practice and build upon skills gained in Level 1 with more independence. Learn two-kayak rescue and how to wet exit in deep water.

Just imagine yourself biking on amazing trails in the woods! You’ll also learn safety, parts of the bike, maintenance, techniques and fun! Bikes and helmets are provided. Biking is open to campers in Explorers.
Welcome to Stage & Dance, an activity that combines the best of drama, music & dance, making it one super fun place to be. If you like having fun with your imagination, use that creativity to put on an amazing show for your friends!
You’ll explore Pioneer Camp’s forest and learn cool new things. You might catch frogs or hunt for hidden insects. You will learn about plants and animals, how they impact our world, and how we impact them. There’s so much nature to explore up here!
Do you enjoy capturing memories? Learn how a camera works and how to take a great shot. Your pictures will be showcased to the rest of Adventure Camp at the end of the session. Personal use digital cameras are recommended but not required.
Each day you can try something fun and new in this activity. Participation, sportsmanship, and teamwork are all emphasized as campers improve technique in familiar sports as well as exciting new games! For all ages!
Can you imagine any better place to be on a hot sunny day at camp? You have two choices (choose only one):

  1. Swimming Lessons in Lifesaving Society Levels
  2. Recreational Swim for all swimming abilities.

The goal is to become comfortable in the water and have fun! (High emphasis on games)

If you love discovering how things work, wearing lab coats and testing wild and crazy (and sometimes messy) experiments…this is the activity for you! Build a volcano and watch it erupt, see a whole litre of coke shoot straight up in the air, and try many other wacky things…this activity is hands-on learning and fun rolled into one! Open to all ages!
Ropes is an exciting activity where you can challenge yourself and cheer on your friends! Test your balance, strength and ability to climb while learning and practicing safety tips. Low Ropes is open to campers in Blaze and Explorers.
Yee-haw! Git along little doggies up the hill to our cabin in the woods for some down home campfire cooking! Learn how one small spark and a few ingredients can make for some tasty treats.
Imagine sailing across the lake, the wind in your hair and sun on your back! You’ll love Adventure Camp’s sailboats. Lessons include sailing theory, tying important sailing knots, learning safety rules and time sailing on beautiful Lake Clearwater. Adventure Camp Sailing has two levels based on previous experience and requires a Yellow lanyard for participation.

  • Sailing Level 1 – Learn how to tie knots, how to rig the boat with assistance, and make sheet and rudder adjustments with help from instructor, etc.
  • Sailing Level 2 – Continue to practice and build upon skills gained in Level 1.

Do you like biking, swimming and running? Have you ever thought of doing them together in a race? Well, if you answered yes, then try our triathlon! Each day you will prepare one of the elements and on Friday you will put all that you practiced together for an exciting finish. Previous biking experience and a yellow lanyard required.
Welcome to The Stage, an activity that combines the best of drama and music, making it one super fun place to be. If you like having fun with your imagination, this is the activity for you! We’ve got some amazing things in store for you on The Stage!