Summer 2021 COVID-19 Information



We don’t want anyone to miss out on Summer Camp!  Pioneer Camp is dedicated to the physical, emotional, relational and, most importantly, the spiritual development of young people. Below are some ways you can make camp more affordable. Some restrictions apply with certain offers.

Check out these discounts...

Bring a new friend and save $100, brining more than one friend - Save even more $!
Bring a new-to-camp friend along and save $100 See Bring A Friend details for more information and conditions.
For friends who are 1st time campers
Referred to by a friend who is also coming to camp this summer and it’s your first time at Pioneer Camp? You may be eligible for a discount. See below.
Are you registering children from the same family? The sibling discount will save your family money. The first child pays full price, and each additional sibling will save $50 off each session they register for.

Register for two sessions and receive a discount on the second session! The weekend stay-over is also included (available only on certain weekends).

New Friend Discount Information

Were you referred by a friend that is also coming to camp during Summer? Are you new to camp? If you said “Yes” to both of these, you may be eligible to receive a $50 “New Friend” discount on your camp fees! In order to receive this, you must include the name of the friend that referred you on your application.
Please note: If your siblings have attended Pioneer Camp, you are unable to receive this discount. This offer is not applicable to agency paid fees. Discounts are credited after the referring friend has applied for camp. Some exceptions and restrictions may apply.

Substantial Discounts for our Volunteers

If you are interested in volunteering while your child is in camp, please click here for information on volunteering as Support Staff. There are discounts towards camper fees based on the volunteer role.

Call our office at 1.800.361.2267 for more information. Some restrictions apply on discount stacking.