What's better than camp? FREE CAMP!


You know how great camp is, and we want you to tell your friends about it! Earn great discounts or even a free week of camp! Encourage your friends to register for this year’s summer camp along with you and save!  See details below…


IT’S EASY… Follow these steps and SAVE!


1 | REGISTER for Summer Camp.

2 | Help your friends REGISTER.

3 | Provide the names of friends on the online form during registration, so both of you can SAVE!

Here’s the Breakdown:

Bring 1 new camper ~ $100 rebate
Bring 2 new campers ~ $150 rebate ($250 total)
Bring 3 new campers ~ $200 rebate ($450 total)
Bring 4 new campers ~ Come for FREE!

As a bonus, your friends will receive up to $50 per week off their camper fees as well!

*Some exceptions apply. Friends brought to camp must be first time campers to Pioneer Camp Ontario; Not eligible for immediate family members; Group bookings are not eligible; Canadian citizens only; Only one side of discounts can be claimed, no circular claim of discounts allowed; Online form must be completed as part of registration process by both claiming the discount (friend bringing and new friend).