Summer 2021 COVID-19 Information

Ages 14-16 | Co-ed, Girls, Boys Program

Ages 14-16

Co-ed, Girls, Boys Program

Our well-trained Tripping Staff lead campers on a variety of trips that vary in terms of length and degree of difficulty. Our Lead Trippers are highly qualified and responsible for the planning, navigating, safety and cooking.

Expedition is a two-week session that includes one 2-night canoe trip, and one 4-night backcountry canoe trip within the historic Frost Centre canoe routes of the Algonquin Highlands. Campers gain hands on experience in canoeing, portaging and wilderness skills while participating in the daily responsibilities of setting up camp, out-trip cooking and working as a team. This small group of just 10-12 participants allows opportunities to develop strong friendships. Safety is paramount and the leaders are experienced and well-trained, with Advanced Wilderness First Aid certification. Applicants are interviewed to screen participants and ensure that they are a good fit for the program.

Canoe Tripping at Ontario Pioneer Camp:

With a long history of canoe programs, we are so excited to re-launch our Canoe Tripping sessions this year! Our new Tripping team will have the opportunity to lead our own staff training trips in the spring, our LIT program canoe trips, and the unique canoe trips of the Expedition program.

Expedition Program Outline:

Upon arrival to camp, our experienced tripping leaders will introduce to you the skills and techniques necessary for safe travel through the rugged wilderness and our role of good stewardship of creation. The first trip will begin the next day, with a focus on the teamwork aspect of canoe trips including fire building, tent and shelter plans, and general survival skills.
Back on site, campers will receive training on the processes involved in planning and packing for their second trip. From navigation, menu planning and packing, learning more about equipment and trip protocols, the hands-on opportunities will be exciting and applicable. Land based learning, climbing skills, and knots will be introduced as campers engage in community at camp. Educational lessons will include a panel event with OPC alumni canoeists who will share stories, history, and wilderness tips.
The second canoe trip is a five-day trip which will hold the perfect opportunity for application of the learnings that so quickly are established during this amazing session.
Being in the wilderness in this unique way will provide the natural backdrop for youth to have discussions about God and spend time together in scripture study throughout this intimate small group setting. Our return to camp will provide time for unpacking and debrief, and one last campfire.
Special equipment will be helpful to have for this trip. See the packing list for details so that you can discuss any questions with the program director during your interview.