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Ages 11-16 // Girls Program

Ages 11-16

Girls Program

  • Girls Camp
  • Girls Camp
  • Girls Camp
  • Girls Camp
  • Girls Camp
Girls Camp is a place bursting with exciting experiences like camp-wide games, action-packed program and theme events, swimming, kayaking, rowing, high ropes, sports, crafts, and the opportunity to build great friendships.
At the heart of Girls Camp is the opportunity to grow through learning new skills, experiencing creation, and enjoying laughter, friendship and the joys of living in a vibrant community. Pioneer offers a safe environment where girls can grow in confidence and independence and encouraged to challenge themselves through skill development. We also seek to create a fun place for every young woman to build authentic and lasting relationships with God, who loves them and wants them to discover the potential of who they were created to be.


We welcome girls with exceptionalities into the joy and fun of Girls Camp. Find out more here.

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We encourage campers to choose a skill development option that is both challenging and fun. Each skill has a trained instructor that will work with your camper to help them be successful and a development plan that will improve their skill over the session.


When you register online you can select your skill development choices. Please note that we will do our best to grant campers their top skill development choices but cannot guarantee each selection. Priority, as appropriate, will be given to those that register earlier. Some skills have class size limits or may require additional cost (cost is noted on online registration  form). Some higher level skills require two weeks in order to complete.

Do you love the outdoors and all the skills Girls Camp has to offer? Would you like to team up with others and be challenged? Campers will spend the first part of the week participating in a combination of archery, swimming, kayaking/canoeing, biking and running. At the end of the week, teams will complete the Adventure Race with the chance to see your name inscribed on the new Adventure Race board in the dining hall.

  • Canoeing ORCKA Basic 1 (1 week option) – Tandem canoeing basics for beginners: parts of the paddle and canoe, launching and basic strokes.
  • Canoeing ORCKA  Basic 2 (1 week option) – Intermediate theory and tandem paddling skills, including turns, circles and landings. Prerequisite: Flatwater A or equivalent canoeing experience.
  • Canoeing ORCKA Basic 3 (2 weeks) – Refine advanced tandem paddling skills. Introduction to solo canoeing. Prerequisite: Flatwater B or equivalent canoeing experience.
  • Canoeing ORCKA Basic 4 (2 weeks) – Application of canoeing skills from previous levels to solo canoeing. Prerequisite: Flatwater C or equivalent canoeing experience.

Crafts activity brings the opportunity to create carefully selected projects throughout the week. Guidance and instruction will be given by experienced and creative leaders. These crafts may include, jewellery making, painting, card making and special projects. You will be able to take your creations with you at the end of your time at camp. Lots of time for experimentation and creativity!
In this dance class you will have fun learning new dance styles and moves that you can show off in a performance at the end of the session! You will get the chance to work on fun yet challenging combinations of dance skills that will extend your abilities.

  • Get Fit (1 week option) – Learn to set healthy personal goals for fitness and exercise incorporating running, stretching, muscle strengthening and other exercises. Set goals, watch your improvement and have fun! Activities will include: circuits, strengthening, stretching and many more ways to get active while enjoying the beautiful shores of Lake Clearwater.
  • GC Track Team (1 week option) – For strong runners looking to improve or maintain fitness and endurance. No track team experience necessary – just a willingness to strive for your best! Train towards a possible ‘run around Pioneer Camp’ at the end of the session!
  • GC Triathlon – For those who want to take their fitness to another level. You will gain greater experience in running, biking and swimming. The week will end with a GC Triathlon like no other! All participants will earn a spot on the GC Triathlon Board.

  • Level 1 (1 week option) – Kayaking basics for beginners: entering and exiting the kayak and basic theory and strokes.
  • Level 2 (1 week option) – Intermediate theory and paddling skills, including turns, pivots, draws, intro to hip flicks and bow rolls. Prerequisite: Kayaking Level 1 or equivalent kayaking experience.
  • Level 3 (2 weeks) – More advanced theory and paddling skills. Bow rolls and advanced rescues. Prerequisite: Kayaking Level 2 or equivalent kayaking experience.
  • Level 4 (2 weeks) – For very advanced kayakers. Eskimo rolls, hand rolls and more precise paddling. Prerequisite: Kayaking Level 3 or equivalent kayaking experience.

Pioneer Camp has 1200 acres worth of Muskoka property with over 50 km of biking trails. Mountain Biking gets to take advantage of both!

Pioneer Camp has over 50 km of trails to ride Explore the beauty of the forest on Pioneer’s trails while learning new skills. New in summer 2024, Campers will be placed in classes that allow them to complete levels in mountain biking. Beginners will learn to ride safely and gain confidence on trails that suit their level. More advanced riders will hone their skills on more challenging trails and visit the bike park that will challenge and build confidence. Campers of all levels will also gain skills in bike maintenance so that they can ride as much as possible.

  • Level 1 – A great way for beginners to learn basic skills needed to ride safely on trails that have rocks, roots, and puddles. Skills in riding up and downhill, shifting gears, care of the bike will build confidence.
  • Level 2 – Campers will need to have prior experience biking off-road trails. Skills such as track stands, riding over obstacles (rocks, roots, logs, puddles), and more challenging hills.
  • Level 3 – Riders with higher level of experience in trail riding will practice drills that will allow them to develop extreme hill techniques, bunny hops and more.

Singing & Vocals (1 week option) – Warm up those pipes and get ready to move and sing in harmony. Learn how to care for and nurture your voice as you join with a choir of others under the direction of a skilled voice teacher. Get ready to bring the notes to life and live the beat!
Calling all adventure seekers! Skilled leaders will take you high above the forest floor as you work through different elements and initiatives, focusing on team-building skills, interpersonal trust, personal confidence and tons of fun! (Double period, One week)
Working at their own pace, campers will be equipped with the skills and equipment to capture all the beauty that the Muskoka camping experience offers. Campers work towards taking two photographs that are showcased to the rest of the camp at the end of the session. Campers are asked to bring a memory card or USB stick to ensure they take home their photos from the session. A personal digital camera or DSLR is recommended.
There’s no better place to be on a hot sunny day than in the water. Recreational swimming is open to campers of all swimming abilities. Campers will have the opportunity to use the 70 ft water slide, the water trampoline, the high towers, play water polo and water baseball, relax in the deep tank, and so much more!

  • Level 1 (1 week option) – Perfect for campers who’ve taken sailing lessons at Adventure Camp or beginners who have never sailed. Covers parts of the boat, turning, capsizing. Sail with other campers and an instructor in the boat.
  • Level 2 (2 weeks) – Introduction to solo sailing and more advanced theory. Prerequisite: Sailing Level 1 or equivalent sailing experience.
  • Level 3 (2 weeks) – Advanced solo sailing and theory, including sailing a pre-planned course. Achieving this level often requires practice outside of activity time. Great if you really love sailing! Prerequisite: Sailing Level 2 or equivalent sailing experience.

  • Basketball (1 week option) – Tie together team and personal skills to improve and have tons of fun! Whether you’re a pro or just beginning, there will be a place for you to improve in this activity.
  • Volleyball – Learn and refine volleyball and team skills will be improved through drills and games. These include; passing, serving, and hitting along with strategy. All campers will have an opportunity to improve skills no matter what their level of experience. There is a place for everyone to have fun while working together.

Swimming Lessons are in Lifesaving Society Levels. Our qualified instructors teach in small class sizes to help your camper develop new skills and become more comfortable in the water to potentially achieve their next LSS level. There is no additional cost for swimming lessons. (AquaQuest and YMCA equivalents are indicated in italics).

  • Swimmer 1 – Designed for the beginner swimmer.  (completed AQ 1 or continuing YMCA L’il Dippers: Floaters/Learn to Swim 1: Otter)
  • Swimmer 2 – Camper can jump into water with and without PFD, open eyes and exhale underwater, get objects off bottom, float and move through the water on front and back. (completed AQ 2 or YMCA L’il Dippers: Divers/Learn to Swim 2: Seal)
  • Swimmer 3 – Camper can jump into deeper water, fall sideways into water with PFD, support self at surface without an aid, do whip kick, swim 10-15m on front and back. (completed AQ 3/4 or YMCA Learn to Swim 4: Swimmer)
  • Swimmer 4 (2 weeks) – Camper does cannonballs, dives and rolls into deep water, swims underwater, swims front and back crawl, and can do endurance swims of 25-30m. (completed AQ 5/6 or YMCA Star 1)
  • Swimmer 5 (2 weeks) – Camper can do dives and stride entries, eggbeater kick 1 min, foot-first surface dives, front and back crawl, whip kick,breaststroke arms with breathing, endurance swims of 100-200m. (completed AQ 7 or YMCA Star 2)
  • Swimmer 6 (2 weeks) – Camper can do shallow dives, eggbeater kick 2 min, foot-first sculling, surface dives with underwater swim 5m, front and back crawl and breaststroke over 100m, sprint 25m, head up front crawl or breaststroke 25m, endurance swims of 200-300m. (completed AQ 8 or YMCA Star 3)
  • Swim Patrol Rookie (2 weeks) – Camper can do compact jumps, eggbeater kick for 1 min, somersault in water, head-up front crawl or breaststroke over 25m, 100m front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke, endurance swims of 200-350m, swim 100m in 3 min. (completed AQ 9 or YMCA Star 4)
  • Swim Patrol Ranger (2 weeks) – Camper has completed Swim Patrol – Rookie. (completed AQ 10 or YMCA Star 5)
  • Swim Patrol Star (2 weeks) – Camper has successfully completed Swim Patrol – Ranger (completed AQ 11 or YMCA Star 6)
  • Bronze Star (2 weeks) – Camper has successfully completed Swim Patrol – Star. (completed AQ 12 or YMCA Master Swimmer)
  • Bronze Medallion and Emergency First Aid/CPR B (double period, 2 weeks) – Swimming and basic rescue skills, spinal roll-overs, CPR, 500m timed swim. Exam at end of session requires a small additional fee. Prerequisite: Bronze Star OR 13 years old
  • Bronze Cross (double period, 2 weeks) – Prerequisite for life-guarding certification. Includes swim/rescue skills, spinal roll-overs, rescue breathing, CPR, 600m timed swim. Exam at end of session requires a small additional fee. Prerequisite: Bronze Medallion & Emergency First Aid
  • GC Swim Team (1 week option) – Are you a strong swimmer looking for fitness and endurance swim training? If you love to swim and want to improve or maintain your fitness, this is a great challenge for you! No swim team experience necessary, just a willingness to strive for your best! Train towards a possible ‘lake swim’ at the end of the session!

  • Slingshot – Test your new found skill by plinking tin cans and learning safe trick shots. Slingshot also improves your accuracy in archery. The best part is the fun you will have while improving your aim!
  • Ax Throwing – Learn to throw an ax and/or a throwing hawk. Practice your form and aim. The best part is hitting the target and getting a bull’s eye.
  • Archery – Here is your opportunity to learn and refine your ability to safely aim and shoot arrows. As the week progresses you will consistently hit the target, play games, have a tournament. Become part of the Bull’s Eye Club!

  • Nature – We come to camp for a week or more, but there are so many things that live here year-round. Join us each day as we discover and encounter what lives in the forest and lake at Girls Camp. Make wilderness tea, go salamander hunting, catch butterflies, observe & identity critters and more!
  • Survival – Campfire & s’mores, build a fort, Wild hot chocolate, Forest Feast and an Ultimate Adventure are all a part of learning what it takes to safely survive in the forest around camp. We are excited to offer the Ultimate Adventure – an overnight experience with your camp friends. You will sleep in a tent, cook over a fire, sing songs and tell stories while spending time on our lake’s campground. Taking canoeing as an activity will make your adventure even better!

  • Beginner A (1 week option) – Windsurfing basics for beginners: parts of the sail and board, rigging and introductory windsurfing skills.
  • Beginner B (1 week option) – Opportunity to spend more time on the water practicing basic windsurfing skills such as tacks and jibes. Prerequisite: Windsurfing Beginner A.
  • Advanced (2 weeks) – Learn how to work the wind in your favour! Advanced jibes, power tacks, high wind rescue, and more detailed theory. Prerequisite: Windsurfing Beginner B.

Note: All those in windsurfing classes must be at least 12 years old and have a BLUE lanyard.