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Ages 16-17 (or have completed Grade 10) // Co-ed Program

Ages 16-17 (or have completed Grade 10)

Co-ed Program


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NEW! LIT Express

Are you ready to jump into the LIT program before the summer even starts? Get ready for LIT Express. LIT Express is a shorter version of our regular Leaders In Training program that starts in the spring of 2022 and extends into the summer. The program starts during March Break for their first week of teaching, with the second week of teaching is offered at the start of the summer: July 3-9. There will be a couple of online meetings to touch base during the spring. There is one week of placement during July 10-16. The placement gives students real leadership experience by serving in a chalet of kids under the direction of seasoned leaders. LITs could be placed in a chalet with campers, alongside staff who are supporting an individual with special needs, or even serving on our kitchen or maintenance teams. If you are ready to jump into leadership at camp – join LIT Express!
Closed to new applicants.

The LIT (Leaders In Training) program at Pioneer Camp has been successfully training and developing young leaders for over 40 years. This co-ed leadership development program provides a personalized, innovative mix of formal and hands-on learning experiences.


Program Options for LIT 2022

LIT Summer Session

This Traditional Leaders in Training Program is offered during the Summer of 2023. Two training weeks take place July 2-15, with two placement options this summer: July 15-29 and July 29-August 12. This program is one month of amazing experiences: leadership training and experience, community, discipleship, outdoor experiences, and lots of camp fun!
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LIT Program Outline:

Community  Building and Training Component
At LIT our goal is to become a community of leaders who learn to lead by following the example of Jesus. The first 2.5 week training component of the program is dedicated to learning and developing leadership through a variety of group sessions and experiences. It’s also the time when LITs develop friendships with other likeminded young leaders so they can encourage one another to grow and put into practice the values of Jesus. Some features of these weeks include: one to one coaching, leading various program elements and hot topic conversations, being part of a small group bible study and going on a 3-day overnight canoe trip. The LITs will engage together with staff around Jesus’ example of servant leadership in Scripture and how He is working in their life today.


During this time, LITs develop close mentoring relationships with experienced leaders who will provide them with valuable feedback, constructive debriefing and close personal support to help LIT’s identify and develop their strengths as well as build the skills they need to be extraordinary leaders. This is a great opportunity to ask questions about the Bible and following Jesus and become part of a great community of young leaders.


Placement Component
After the teaching sessions, the LIT’s will go on a work placement for 2 weeks! This is when they put their skills and training to the test by becoming a valuable member of one of our Pioneer Camp staff teams. An opportunity to partner with one of the many service areas of camp is an eye opening time to see how camp ministry works and how every member has a important role on the larger team. Be it serving in the kitchen at one of our sites, in cabin partnered with senior leaders, alongside staff who are supporting an individual with special needs, or joining our maintenance and housekeeping teams, all of these roles are vital to camp and provide excellent opportunities to grow as leaders.

Our hope is that LITs will take all these lessons that they learn, and have an impact in their communities beyond camp.

Program Components

Growing in your understanding of servant leadership and developing skills and strategies to lead effectively is at the core of LIT. Our interactive training style will help you learn about yourself and grow in your understanding of teamwork, group dynamics and managing challenging behaviour. You will be trained in child and youth development, how to engage and draw people in from off the sidelines, and restorative practices. There is also an emphasis on leading in a camp context and how to navigate a chalet full of kids.
This is a chance for you to lead your small group in a discussion on a relevant topic like role of character in leadership and what is the role of suffering in Christian leadership. These discussions will help you learn valuable facilitation skills, giving each person a better understanding of issues that you encounter in the world.
This is chance for LITs to spend time with staff getting some personal coaching. This includes things like feedback on strengths and areas for growth, talking about life and what you are experiencing at LIT. The LIT staff will help you set personal goals, be there to support, encourage and challenge you as you grow in your faith and as a leader.
Our LIT canoe trip is often the highlight of the program for many people. The goal of the trip is to help the LITs get out of their comfort zones and take leadership in a different context. It will be a 3.5-day trip. LITs with the support of a wilderness guide will have the opportunity to lead their peers in everything from navigating to the campsites, preparing food, setting tents up and getting everyone up and moving the next morning. Through the fun of enjoying God’s creation LITs will grow in their confidence and learn to lead in new ways.
At Pioneer Camp we believe we are deeply known by Jesus and can get to know Him deeply, too! We believe we should follow Jesus’ teaching to love God and love our neighbours, so we spend time looking at what the Bible can teach us about how to know God better and how we should live. These sessions are a foundational part of the Leaders In Training Program.
Games are a regular part of our time at LIT, because at camp we love having fun! Not only is it a chance to have a good time, it is also an opportunity for you and your small group to practice running games in preparation for your placement with the other staff teams.
As a camp leader you will be helping teach activities such as mountain biking, sailing, or sports to campers. During LIT you will have the opportunity to participate in some these activities and learn how to teach them to others. This happens when you shadow a senior leader for participation day during your teaching weeks.

Program FAQ

The online application is only the first step in the process so your place is not reserved. You must complete all paperwork, submit it to camp, and interview successfully. Your spots in specific placement option are not reserved until acceptance is confirmed to the program.
Fill out the online application and references as soon as possible as your session preferences are given priority based on the date that all forms are submitted.
Applicants invited to the interview stage will be notified within two weeks of their interview date regarding their acceptance. A place will not be reserved in a specific LIT placement option until you have been accepted to the program. Not all applicants will receive an interview but will be notified regardless.